James Fisher Review

James Fisher from The Miramichi Reader has given me this complimentary review that I want to share with you:

In the Dark of Winter is a new murder-suspense novel from Riverview, New Brunswick writer Monique Marie Thebeau. While this genre is not one I am particularly fond of, I read this book as I am always looking to promote “local” authors such as Ms. Thebeau. In the dark of winter would be a good time to read this starkly grim novel of old murders, new murders (by a serial killer), drug gangs and so on all occurring in the otherwise picturesque southwestern part of New Brunswick around Alma and Riverside-Albert. Chuck Hanley, a likeable retired cop turned PI gets heavily involved in the case, even being recruited by the overburdened local authorities to assist in finding the killer.

I really did like the character of Chuck. I thought you did an excellent job of creating him and portraying his professionalism and enthusiasm for police work.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.ca and the Kindle edition is currently $3.99, which is a very good price for this novel. Here is the link: https://amzn.to/2plBxvg

You can read more on James’ blog by visiting The Miramichi Reader.

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