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You can’t escape the past when the past is your shadow…

While camping with his wife in 2002, Ben Walsh follows the cries of a woman in distress and stumbles onto a brutal crime-in-progress. Beaten, he is given two choices: be framed for murder, or work for the thugs responsible for the crime.

A year later, during a blizzard, lineman Jack Thibodeau is putting homes back on the grid when he is kidnapped, drugged and blackmailed. Though he is set free, his dog is soon killed and strangers menace his family. On the edge of paranoia, Jack contacts a private investigator, retired cop Chuck Hanley.

Life is easy for Hanley. Spousal spying, insurance fraud. But as Hanley begins to link Jack with Ben, more sinister characters emerge and soon the talk of the town goes from a record snowfall to a record body-count. A manhunt ensues, one that rattles the sleepy villages of Albert County for weeks.

Set on the Canadian East Coast in the early 2000s, IN THE DARK OF WINTER is an explosive debut mystery featuring not just a cast of memorable characters, but the rugged landscape and cherished landmarks of Southeastern New Brunswick.


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